Monday, March 8, 2010


How did you react when you were not successful at the last things that you do? I bet you were down with disappointment for a day or two and then got ready for the next task. You did not quit. You eventually got the task accomplished.

Perseverance - a term for human endurance is key to achieving your goals/dreams. The road to accomplishing your goal will always be full of challenges and obstacles. To be able to navigate through them and come up on top you need to possess the ability to weather the storms as you go through life. Not giving up in the face of setbacks makes you tougher to face the next challenge.

Sometimes we get goal obsessed and in the process loose sight of the bigger picture. Persisting on a particular goal that is not worth pursuing only slows down your progress. Having a strategy to take stock and track progress will help you focus on the goals, plans or opportunities that are attainable.

If you persevere long enough and have a positive attitude you will be successful. No matter how slow things are moving, hang in there. If you can 'take it' you will succeed. You must have a burning desire to achieve your goals. Goal setting is just the beginning. It takes more than goal setting to achieve greatness. You need the concentration and focus to enable you go through the tough times. Commitment to what has been started is important.

To develop a burning desire you must plan and continually act to keep your dreams on course. That desire can be acquired and maintained through self-development. To persevere through to attain set objectives you have to train your mind. Achievement is a state of mind. Don’t allow your mind to play tricks on you–you own it! Sometimes the going gets tough to the point where you may want to give up. When you get to that point always remember that ‘Winners do not quit and quitters do not win.’ If you master perseverance you will accomplish your goals and own your life.

Persevering through the rough times gives us wisdom. Patience and perseverance have a magical affect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. In Islam, patience is the best and most valuable virtues in life. Allah is with those who are patient, more specifically during suffering. We as a Muslim faith believes that without a good spirit while enduring, the struggle will not bear its full reward, thus, Patiently persevering, striving and going forward, despite the difficulty, is the pinnacle of behavior during challenging times.

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